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Michèle Béguin Photographer Specialist of India


Michèle Béguin
graduated from Ecole du Louvre. Specialist of the Indian subcontinent. The passion for art of Michèle Béguin incited her to enroll at the Ecole du Louvre. Her first contact with India was through a book reproducing mural paintings of Ajanta. She was fascinated. It is towards the Asian civilizations that she will go. She will deepen this theme with her trips to India becoming more and more frequent. The links she will mature with this country and the inhabitants pushed her to settle down in New Delhi. Since then, from Banaras to Jaipur and from Java to Ceylon, she is endlessly exploring the Indian subcontinent and its cultural surroundings to deliver all their details to the Clio's travelers.
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Since my childhood, I have been passionate with design, paintings, colors, asian Arts including handicrafts. To implement my passion for visuals arts, I was directed towards Arts studies. It was a great time, thrilling with lots of discoveries of all kinds. Because finding the right job was long and difficult I stepped into Tourism and travelled widely from Iran to Japan with a predilection for the Indian subcontinent. Being there for so long I have and am still learning so much at every stage. Photo has become my medium of expression since long now. It has become a thorough passion and though India is known, I am doing research about the "Unseen" side of the country. Three photos of the Taj Mahal do not mean one knows that vast and bewitching area of the world...!!!! It needs patience and humility.

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