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In India, soon Shravan the month of renewal..

In India, soon Shravan the month of renewal.

In the West, the monsoon months are perceived as a gathering of catastrophes in a world destroyed by the elements. These days, one still gets the same kind of information about the season which is, in fact the revival for people who have only that season to recharge their water reserves and come to life again after the intense heat of May, June and sometimes July. Shravan is the first month of rains and for those thirty days many festive happenings take place. It is in that month of the monsoon that the Raikas, shepherds and breeders, devotees of Shiva, God of destruction of Evil, honor their deity every Monday -His day- by going to some specific temple. That day is "His day" all around the year, but during the rainy season, an intense worship is done on Monday. Hindus and Raikas with their remarkable attires throng the Shiva temples. In Rajasthan, it is the festival of Teej Mata, local form of Parvati, Shiva's spouse and symbol of the tradition of marriage and fertility linked with the incoming of the rains. It is during Shravan that sisters celebrate their links with their brothers who in turn, will protect them for their whole life. This is symbolized by tying on their brothers' wrist a red and yellow thread with a kitsch plastic flower. Shravan, all dedicated to Shiva, is also the month of the big pilgrimage to Ganga or places linked to the River with many Hindu legends. Ganga and Shiva are linked since he accepted her to fall onto his head to lesser the shock of her water on the Indian earth, so he is "Gangadhara" or "Ganges bearer". Pilgrims go by foot on a long pilgrimage to get this holy water, take it back home for religious ceremonies linked with Hindu life. And many other festive gatherings are filling up the month of Shravan.

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